Individual Online Challenge Workouts
Each year WZA seeks to provide a competitive, fun, & memorable experience to athletes, which begins with the workouts.
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Week 1, WOD 1 - Celebrate 7

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7min AMRAP of Squat Clean & Jerks

*Tie-breaker- Time it takes to complete first 10 repetitions.

Elite/Rx, International Cup, Master’s 35-39, 40-44

225, 155lb

Intermediate/Scaled, Master’s 45-49, 50+, Y. 16-18

165, 115lb

Youth 13-15

135, 95lb


The workout begins with a preloaded barbell to the required weight, and the athlete standing tall. At the start of the clock, the athlete will begin their 7min AMRAP of squat clean & jerks. Each rep of the squat clean and jerk must begin with the plates in contact with the floor, and must feature the athlete bringing the barbell to their shoulders, passing through a front squat, and then performing a shoulder to overhead, finishing with the barbell locked out overhead.

The clean may be performed in one swift motion, any style, however, a hang clean is not acceptable. If the athlete does not perform a squat clean, they must first perform a front squat before attempting their shoulder to overhead. Any style of press is accepted, so long as the athlete finishes with hips, knees, and arms locked out overhead, weight over their center of mass, and their feet directly underneath their hips. This includes a squat clean thruster, thruster, or thruster-jerk.

If an athlete fails a rep of the shoulder to overhead, and catches it on their shoulders, they may reattempt the shoulder to overhead to complete the rep. If the barbell touches the floor before a rep is achieved, the athlete must reperform the entirety of the repetition.

A rep is complete when the athlete stands tall with the barbell overhead. Partial reps will not be counted. Touch-and-go repetitions are acceptable.


At the conclusion of the Challenge, Team WZA has the right to request ask for any and all video proof of workout completion. It is recommended that athletes record all workouts.

For workout 1, prior to the start the athlete must announce their name, and show the weight of the barbell and all individual weights. It is recommended, that you film yourself performing the workout from an angle that captures full depth and extension on all movements. Please also show the running clock through the entirety of the workout.