The biggest fitness festival deserves the biggest prizes.
Take on the WZA Challenge, and win awesome prizes from our sponsors, as well as a spot to compete at WZA Miami. Once in Miami, for our Elite Individuals & Teams, Master's, International Cup, & Rx Adaptive athletes, cold hard cash is on the line.

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This year we’re giving back to supportive gyms & affiliates in a special way. What’s at the core of #WZAMiami? The COMMUNITY.

That's why this year, we’re rewarding the gym with gifts! Sign up, throwdown, build camaraderie, and celebrate the best way we know how: by HAVING FUN.

How it works is simple. 

When registering for the WZA Online Challenge, make sure to select your affiliate from the dropdown. If nobody from your gym has signed up yet, just type it in manually. 

For every 10 registrants your gym has, starting with 20, your gym receives a gift courtesy of Wodapalooza. Check back for updates regarding the number of registrants by affiliate, which will be updated weekly!

How about the prizes? 

For every level you hit, your gym receives the prizes at that level AND and the levels below it you've already hit.

For example, if 42 people register from your gym, your gym receives the 20+ prizes (the Official Community Partner Banner), the 30+ prizes, (3 WZA Tix, sunglasses, and more), AND the 40+ prizes (an RPM Affiliate set.)

This is all for simply rallying the troops around something the gym will enjoy anyway, that will build camaraderie, and only allow your athletes to test their fitness on an international stage!  

Online Challenge Prizes

Place Prize
Affiliate with Most Individuals & Teams Registered A WZA hosted event at your gym, along with elite special guests!
Community Partner Prizes An assault bike, Rogue gift-cards, an RPM rope set, Powerdot units, VIP tickets to WZA & more.


WZA Miami Prize Purse - Elite Individuals

Place Prize
1st $20,000
2nd $8,000
3rd $6,000
4th $4,000
5th $3,500
6th $3,000
7th $2,500
8th $2,000
9th $1,500
10th $1,000

WZA Miami Prize Purse: Elite Teams

Place Prize
1st $15,000
2nd $10,000
3rd $5,000
4th $2,000
5th $1,000

WZA Miami Prize Purse International Cup, Master’s 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, & 50+

Place Prize
1st $1,500
2nd $1,000
3rd $500