Our Story

The Wodapalooza Fitness Festival was the brainchild of two men’s idea in 2011 to host a fitness bootcamp in our Downtown Miami’s Bayfront Park venue. 

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After some brainstorming, co-founders Guido Trinidad and Steve Suarez settled on a better fit for the grandiose and picturesque sprawling urban park: a single-day functional fitness competition.

Along with the help of their wives, Guido & Steve created a starting point for the WZA we’ve come to know and love. In its inaugural year, Wodapalooza saw just over 125 athletes compete over the course of a single day, with relatively sparse attendance. It was exactly what you’d expect from a homegrown and local throwdown, with some recognizable elites, Jared Davis and Talayna Fortunato, both Florida natives, dominating the field. After planning the first event, these men recognized the potential of what could WZA ultimately become.

In 2012, WZA saw the first athletes not residing in the Sunshine State descend upon Bayfront Park. Over the subsequent three years, through 2016, athletes and spectators from across the globe began making the trek to Miami, which has transformed Wodapalooza into a globally recognized festival and competition.

The one constant through the years has been the celebration of life and the love of fitness. These Wodapalooza® components are what drive the lifeblood of this event: The Volunteers. Enthusiasts from all over the world come to Miami just to be part of the action. Whether they’re Judges, Media, assist in Athlete Services or are a part of the Workhorse brigade, they are the number one reason this has become the global fitness phenomenon that everyone looks forward to all year. 2016 saw 25 countries and 36 states represented by 1,300+ athletes, with 26,000 spectators, all served by 500 volunteers who work tirelessly from sun up to sundown to make this special weekend come alive.

It has been quite the exciting journey to get to where Wodapalooza is today, and we ask that you now, jump in, and take part in what it has to offer in 2017!