WZA Day 1 Recap for the International Cup, Scaled, Masters and Youth Divisions

Day one's action.

Wodapalooza Bayfront Park

By: Ana Ruedaquintero

Day One of Wodapalooza brought the best of everyone, proving that at every stage in life, we can accomplish much more that we can begin to fathom.

International Cup

Unlike in years past, this year Wodapalooza is providing athletes from outside of the United States and Canada the opportunity to showcase their fitness in an Rx-style division representing their specific world region.

All corners of the world are represented, whether athletes come from as far as Australia or as close as Mexico, giving Wodapalooza a United Nations-like feel.

“I took a chance and (completed the) online qualifier, and I qualified merely by accident,” said Jake Douglas from Slate CrossFit in Australia. “I took a chance and here I am.”

The women and men of the International Cup have already hit the grounds and showed they aren’t here by accident. Their fitness was truly tested during Day One with two grueling events: “Assault on Fran” and “Climb. Jump. Walk.”

At the end of the day, the men’s division finished in a tie between Jack Douglas and Leonardo Chagas, leading the board with 190 points each; on the female side, Rita Maciel leads the pack with 180 points.

These athletes aren’t only representing themselves. For them, Wodapalooza is a way to bring the colors of their country.

Masters Division

Age is only a number and today, as the Masters proved it by tackling the workouts with as much vigor as their younger peers.

“I like the fact that they left stuff heavy,” said Ron Ortiz, leader of the Masters 50+ division after two events with 190 points. “I don’t want to be look at as we can’t do it. We are going to do what we can and take on the challenge head on.”

Current leaders:

  • Masters 35-39 men/women: Oliver Martin with 176 points / Sara Blunck with 190 points

  • Masters 40-44 men/women: Shawn Ramirez with 190 points / Lynn Cassotis and Karen McCadams with 190 each as a tie

  • Masters 45-49 men/women: Bob Ruano with 176 points / Cheryl Brost with 200 points

  • Master 50+ men/women: Ron Ortiz with 190 points / Sue Velott with 190 points.

Scaled Division

Wodapalooza is the first major fitness competition to feature a division for scaled athletes, allowing them to shine as brightly as their as-prescribed counterparts.

“I wanted to compete in Wodapalooza because for me, this event is like my CrossFit Games,” said Roberto Reynoso Corona of Monterrey, Neuo Leon Mexcico. “I have done other local competitions, but this one, by far has been the best and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

The scaled division started the day by attacking “Assault on Fran” on Tina Hill, yielding impressive times. The individual males had the best finish came from Kerry Valle from CrossFit Muscle Farm Downtown with a time of 4:29 and by Chelsea Young from CrossFit Revamped, who finished in 6:08. In the team division, We are Brutal took first for the males at 8:21 while Team Soul Red won its division at 10:17.

The day’s closing event took them to workout under the lights on Flagger, the double-sided main-stage, where things shifted a little. Evan Negron took the lead for individual males with 167 points while Chelsea Young held onto hers the lead on the female individuals with 200 points. Squadapalooza led the men’s teams with 195 points, and Hot Mess Express took the top female team spot with 177 points.

Youth Division

If this year’s youth division is any indication, our future looks really promising.

These competitors were nothing but fierce, determined and caring for one another.  The young athletes mesmerized the crowd with their efforts, made to look effortless.

“I love this event because it is really big and it has great athletes competing in it,” said Lea Malo, a first-time competitor and the leader of the 13-15 female division. “This is my first big competition and I will work hard all weekend long.”

Youth standings after Day 1:

  • Youth 10-12 men/women:  Taitn Gray with 180 points / Madilyn Espinoza with 200 points

  • Youth 13-15 men/women: Stone Jorquera with 185 points / Lea Malo with 200 points

  • Youth 16-18 men/women: Nick Loera with 176 points / Haley Adams with 200 points