Lift Big. Win Big. The WWF is Back.

Weightlifting in a bracketed, single-elim format? The excitement of Thursday's event returns to Miami

Wodapalooza Bayfront Park

The Wodapalooza is all about celebrating fitness of all types, shapes and sizes. However, when most think of WZA, most will roll off the tongue about its functional fitness competition held over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.

However, athletes and spectators got a taste of a unique concept unveiled on Thursday in 2017: the Wodapalooza Weightlifting Face-off.

This head to head, bracketed tournament, weightlifting event, presented by Power & Grace Performance, takes the excitement of Wodapalooza, combines it with the art-form & sport of olympic lifting, and produces something truly special.

Last year, saw an exciting final between Taylor Stallings and Sarabeth Phillips, whom traded lifts before Taylor nailed her final clean & jerk to solidify the first WWF title. On the men's side, Matt "Mighty Mouse" Rattay hit big numbers, including a 132kg snatch, to win the $2,000 and an invite in 2018. 

We're stoked to bring it back to our beautiful Bayside venue in 2018. 

Want to get in on the fun?The first step to compete, is online qualification, via either video submission of your lifts, or link to proof of your total from a sanctioned meet. 

The online qualifier is open now, through November 22nd. You can learn more and sign up at

Prizes this year will include a barbell and plate set from USAW, and $2,000 for the first place finishers.

Registration is $20 for the online qualifier, and $50 to compete in Miami if you land inside the top 16. This registration to the Miami event includes the chance to compete, a t-shirt, a single-day pass to any single day of WZA weekend (Friday to Sunday,) and the chance to win the prizes on the line. 

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