Announcing New Division in 2018

Did you think Wodapalooza had every division under the sun? Maybe for humans…

Wodapalooza Bayfront Park

Yes, in 2018 Wodapalooza will introduce the first ever, “Canine Division” to Bayfront Park where the fittest dogs from around the world will duke it out over WZA weekend.

 “While we understand there may be some skeptics, we are always seeking ways to introduce new facets of the competition. Last year, we introduced Thursday’s Weightlifting Face-off, the OCR Sprint, and more. This year, we decided to allow our furry friends to take part in the action.” said co-owner and organizer, Steve Suarez. 

After competing in the Online Challenge, open registration will bring that number down to ten dogs via Open Registration, who will get their chance to throw paws under the Miami lights. The dogs will participate in three workouts on Saturday and Sunday, and can absolutely expect to have to utilize the terrain and water.

Co-owner and Director of Competition, Guido Trinidad mentions, “With us being the first competition to introduce anything even remotely like this, there will be strict guidelines for owners to follow if you want to register your dog to compete.”

Guido went on to specify, all dogs will be responsible for taking part in the Online Challenge. Of the ten that register to compete in Miami, their owner and the same handler must be present at check-in as well as for all three workouts. Additionally, owners must carry proper cleaning materials at all times, incase a dog does their business on the competition floor. Finally, any unruly or unsportsmanlike dogs that continually bark or bite, will be immediately disqualified.

With Wodapalooza 2017 only two months in our hindsight, this is the first major announcement about 2018. What other surprises could be in the works? “As always, you’re going to have to wait and see” quirked Trinidad with a smile. It looks like it’ll be a while until we get another bone.