WZA Challenge - Week 2, WOD 3 & 4 FAQ

Share these commonly asked questions pertaining to week 2 of the #WZAOC.

Wodapalooza Bayfront Park

Week 2 of the individual portion of the WZA Online Challenge is here! 

Check below some of the more frequent questions to help you through week 2.

Q: What time are score submissions due for week 2?

A: Every week, scores will be due on Sunday at 8PM EST.

Q: I don't have pound plates for WOD 3. What do I do?

A: Since we've made it a requirement to use pounds, what you can do is this: when submitting your final score, multiply your kg total x 2.2, and round down to the nearest whole number (ie. 242.8= 242lbs).

Q: For youth 10-12, it says to use a 15lb bar. I have an empty trainer's bar. What is required for the rep to count?

A: The athlete must bring the barbell below their knees before performing each snatch in order for it to count. You DO NOT need to touch the ground with the barbell between repetitions if using an empty barbell with no plates.

Q: Can I use two bars for WOD 3 & 4?

A: Yes. Two separate barbells are acceptable

Q: If performing step-ups, are those reps for each leg (ie. 20 reps on the left leg, 20 on the right)?

A: Come on now. No. Doesn't matter if you alternate, but you must get on top of the box for 20 total reps each round. That is all. :)

Q: Do I have to begin WOD 4 immediately after WOD 3A? 

A: Yes! It should be performed on a 19 minute running clock!

Q: Can I use weightlifting straps for the snatch? 

A: Straps are strictly disallowed! 

Q: Can we use a band for pull-ups?

A: Nope! Unfortunately, not. No bands are allowed. 

Q: For the pistols, can we do all 10 reps on my right leg, and then 10 on the left?

A: All pistol reps MUST be alternating on each leg until you reach 20. If you fail a rep on one leg, you must accomplish it before switching back to the opposite leg. 

Q: Where can I find my division scale down for each workout? 

A: The full breakdown by division can be found on our workouts page, which is here. Scroll past the video, and you'll have all the info you need including a scorecard to assist!

Q: What about video submission? 

A: You'll notice when logging in to submit your score, there's a field to submit a video link. This is NOT required this week. During the final week score submission, team WZA will ask those seeking to earn a spot to compete in Miami (in all divisions) one or two specific WOD videos. We recommend videoing all your WOD's & including a running clock in frame!

Any questions please email