WZA Challenge - Week 3, WOD 6 & 7 FAQ

Final week of the individual WZA Online Challenge is here!

Wodapalooza Bayfront Park

Check below some of the more frequent questions to help you through the 3rd and final week.

Q: What about video submission? 

A: For anyone looking to compete in Miami, video submission IS required for Week 3's workouts, 6 & 7 when submitting this week's scores. Please make sure the privacy setting is set to public, and we recommend using Vimeo or YouTube. 

For all adaptive divisions, WOD 5 is required upon score submission, and Week 1, WOD 2's video is required to be sent via email to

Q: What is with the option to do C2B and ring dips, instead of muscle-ups?

A: In the name of inclusivity & community, we've decided to add an option to do 10 chest-to-bar pull-ups and 10 ring dips instead of the number of muscle-ups required. However, those that elect to complete the workout in this manner are to add 60 minutes to their total time, essentially placing them lower than anyone that decides to attempt muscle-ups instead. 

This is an option specific to those individuals that know they will not be able to qualify, but are instead either doing the Online Challenge for fun, or to try to earn a spot in an "Open Registration" division. In this case, placement isn't at all a factor, but the desire to finish the workout in its entirety is.

However, we encourage athletes to attempt the muscle-ups after completing the thrusters. You don't know if you don't try, and we hope to see many first-time muscle-ups on this event. If you can't get them, go for broke on the row and thrusters, as this is your tie-breaker.

Q: What time are score submissions due for week 3?

A: For the final week, we're allowing EXTRA time to submit your scores & videos. The submission deadline is now Monday, at 8PM EST

Q: For youth 10-12, workout 6 requires 35lbs and 45lbs. Can I use an empty barbell?

A: Yep, and this includes for the lateral over-the-bar burpees. Just make sure you're using a two-foot take-off!

Q: Can you explain what my score will be if I'm not able to complete the muscle-ups?

A: If the time-cap completely elapses, and you're short reps, you must add a second (:01) for each repetition. For example, if you leave 5 reps on the table, your time would then be 12:00 (for the cap) + :05 (.01x5) = 12:05. 

Q: Where can I find my division scale down for each workout? 

A: The full breakdown by division can be found on our workouts page, which is here. Scroll past the video, and you'll have all the info you need including a scorecard to assist!

Any questions please email