The WZA Online Team Challenge

The WZA Online Team Challenge - Starts October 24th. Sign up now.

Wodapalooza Bayfront Park

The individual portion of the online challenge has come to a close, but there’s still an opportunity to get in on the fun and celebrate your fitness.

Grab two friends (same gender,) and sign up to tackle a week’s worth of fun and challenging workouts. In the process, win prizes, and earn a nice competitive vacation to Miami. This is the only chance to earn a team spot to compete at Wodapalooza. Best part is, you can team up with your friends from afar, from different gyms, and locations, as the workouts DO NOT have to be performed together.

Cost: $60 per team

Team: three athletes, same gender



  • Top 30 teams qualify for Elite.
  • From 31st to 66th qualify for Rx. 


  • Top 24 qualify for Intermediate
  • From 25th on are eligible for OPEN registration.

How to register: 

One member of your team will sign you up, and will act as team captain. You’ll see an option to sign up for the team Challenge, and will have to enter their and all their teammates information, as well as pay on behalf of the team. 


Throughout the day on October 24th, all workouts will be released. Teams will have until November 2nd at 8PM ET to complete them in their entirety, submit scores, and submit videos upon request. 

Team captains are required to log-in and submit the scores and vids on the teams behalf.