Team Challenge FAQ

Wodapalooza Bayfront Park

Bookmark this, and make it your go-to for any questions you might have as a squad pertaining to the WZA Team Challenge!

Overview Questions

Check out the below questions, which pertain to general questions regarding the Challenge, like substitutions, registration, score submission and more. 

We want in! Can my team still register?! Do all of us need to register individually? 

Team registration is open until October 31st! Only ONE athlete for the team signs up on behalf of the squad, and as team captain, is responsible for all score and video submission. Sign up here.

Do we have to do all the workouts together at the same time?

Nope! Do 'em where-ever you like. The beauty of the Team #WZAOC is you can put together your dream team, and do them at your own gym, on your own time over the 10 days. You only need to come together in January in Miami!

When is the score submission deadline?

All team scores are due in by November 2nd, at 8PM ET. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Do we have to submit video links?

Video submission IS required to earn a spot to compete at WZA Miami in ANY division, including Scaled. 

On November 2nd we'll announce which videos are required, and teams will have until November 4th at 8PM to submit their links. 

An athlete got hurt, can we sub another athlete in for our team?

You may indeed sub an athlete out, but you must email to process the change. However, your finalized roster must complete all 10 workouts. If you sub someone in, they must complete them, and no scores from your injured athlete will carry over.

Team WOD Specific Questions

While the WOD Description and Movement Standards page should be your first resource, here's another spot to check as well, for workout related questions and answers.

For WOD 1, If I lift 100 lbs. for the 3-rep max is my score 100 or 300? And how do I calculate my team score?

Your score would simply be 100lbs. There is no multiplication by the number of reps.

I only have kilograms (or fractional plates). Am I good?

You're great! Just make sure to round DOWN to the nearest whole pound when tallying your total for any max-lift.

For Team Challenge event #2, can you take the weight from the rack or do a squat clean thruster? 

You may take the bar from the rack or from the ground, as in a squat clean thruster. However, you may not drop or rack the bar until all reps are completed. 

Can we use an ab-mat for the HSPU's?

Yes, you may. Be sure to account for the height of the ab-mat, however, when doing your handstand push-ups. Your head and hands must be level for the strict and kipping HSPUs, and their must be the required distance between them for the deficit HSPU's. 

For WOD 3, do we set the rower monitor to the required amount of meters and have it count down?

You do not need to do this however you may. 

I see the workouts have movements specified for each athlete. Must you stay the same # athlete for the duration of the challenge? For instance, do I have be "Athlete 1" for every workout in the challenge?

Nope! The athlete numbers are solely for the purpose of defining the separate work loads for each athlete within a WOD.

Can guys use a women’s bar in the workouts? How about straps?

Nope. 45lb bars all the way! And absolutely not to the straps!

Do we have to perform the WOD 1 girls consecutively, on a running clock?

Nope. You don't even have to be in the same country at the same time doing the WOD's!