Thursday @ WZA

Come take on one of 3 new challenges.

Wodapalooza Bayfront Park

Add a fourth day and separate fitness challenges to WZA, and what do you have? Thursday at the Miami Fitness Festival.

Instead of kicking off on Friday, Bayfront Park will open up its gates a day early, on Thursday, January 12th, with three athletic challenges unrelated to the weekend’s functional fitness competition. While athlete & volunteer check-in will happen as well, the festival will kick-off with Stand-up Paddleboard racing, an Obstacle Course sprint, and a head-to-head weightlifting style face-off.
Coming to town to spectate, live locally, or wanted to compete and couldn’t grab a spot? Here’s a chance to get in on the action! 
Learn more about the three events below.

WZA Weightlifting Face-off

This modern and exciting twist takes the best of weightlifting, adds the lights and sounds of WZA, and puts it in a bracketed, head-to-head format. Beginning early on Thursday, athletes will be challenged in the opening round with alternating minutes of the snatch, and after a brief reset, the clean & jerk. 
The athlete with the higher sinclair total (explained at the link) advances in the bracket. Round two features just the snatch, the semi-finals, the clean and jerk, and the finals, at night under the lights, will feature both lifts again.
To compete and be seeded in one of our two divisions (Invite & Open,) you may submit a previously submitted total from a USAW meet, or take a video of you weighing yourself and hitting your two heaviest lifts, which you’ll submit upon registering.

//Time: From 8AM until 8PM ET
//Cost: $20
//Included: A spot to compete, a t-shirt, and a single day entry from Fri-Sun @ WZA Miami
//Prizes: Ranging from a barbell and plates, to $2,000 cash for the top spot. 
More info and registration to come this week.

MIA SUP Classic

Next, it’s time to take your fitness on the water in one of our two races. Choose between a 3/4 mile or a two mile race, as competitors will be provided with their boards and paddle. The only thing to bring is themselves, as the race will have them in the water at Bayside navigating the Downtown water. 

//Time: Race times at 2PM, 3PM, 4PM & 5PM
//Cost: $60
//Distances: 3/4 mile & 2 mile
//Included: A spot to compete w/ chip timing, a t-shirt, and a single day entry from Fri-Sun @ WZA Miami
//Prizes: $500 credit to Blue World Paddle Online water sports store & VIP Passes to WZA Weekend
More info and registration to come this week.

Bayfront OCR Sprint

The final addition to Thursday will have individuals and teams of two, sprinting, climbing, and jumping their way through a short obstacle course for a chance to take home the top spot. This new challenge will see athletes sign up for an hour time slot, and in time-trial fashion race through a difficult yet fun course. Within the hour, they’ll have three attempts to run the course, with the best time sticking to the leaderboard. Where will you fall, in the all new Bayfront OCR Sprint?

//Time: Hour slots ranging from 12 to 8PM
//Cost: $40 for individuals, $70 for teams
//Included: 3 runs at the course w/ chip timing, a t-shirt, and a single day entry from Fri-Sun @ WZA Miami
//Prizes: A spot in a future Patriot Games Race and a VIP Pass to WZA Weekend
More info and registration to come this week.

Don't miss out. Be on the lookout for more info and registration up soon!