International Cup

This year, Wodapalooza seeks to give those competing from abroad the opportunity to shine. 

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The International Championship will take the top athletes from each international “region” and pit them against each other over WZA weekend. It also gives these individuals an additional opportunity to earn a spot to compete, as well as rep their country and region.

How it works-

When registering for the Online Challenge, international athletes that sign up for either the Elite/Rx, Master’s 35-39, & Master’s 40-44 will also have the opportunity to compete in the WZA I.C. if they are from any of the following regions:

  • Europe
  • Latin & South America
  • Middle East
  • Australia
  • Africa & Asia

They will then be able to compete for one of two: an individual spot in the Challenge division they signed up for, as well as potentially a spot in the International Championship Cup divisions. They will perform each week’s workouts, and will be added to their division's leaderboard, as well as the International Leaderboard. There are no additional workouts required to complete to participate in the International Cup Division.

If an athlete finishes top 3 in their region at the conclusion of the Challenge, they will qualify to compete against the top finishers from the rest of the international divisions at WZA Miami. 

Please note, if an athlete qualifies for an Elite, Rx, Master’s 35-39, Master’s 40-44, AND a spot in the International Cup Division, they must choose one or the other for WZA Miami.

Once again, the International Cup seeks to showcase the best athletes outside of the US, and provide them with an additional opportunity to compete at WZA Miami. 

Up for grabs is a separate cash prize pool, as well as the “International Cup,” a trophy specific to this unique and new division.